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55th Reunion Class Report Submissions

From: Emilie de Brigard and John Henn
Subject:    It’s Class Report Time!

Dear Classmates,

As this summer comes to an end and we look forward to the fall, we are reminded of another September day in 1960, 58 years ago, when all of us arrived in Cambridge to begin college. Eager, excited, a bit anxious, some of us were convinced that the admissions office had made an error, and that we would receive a gentle phone call from a dean advising of the mistake. That did not happen. We soldiered on, and, four years later, lifelong friendships, romances, and bonds of shared memories emerged. These have been renewed and expanded in many ways, and our Class Reunions and our Class Report every five years have been central to learning and sharing news of one another.

Through the Class Report, we have cheered on the successes of our classmates, enjoyed their family news, shared disappointments, losses, and deaths, appreciated entertaining anecdotes over the decades, and, of course, read whatever our classmates might want to say about the world we live in. By now, many of us are retired or semiretired from our careers and primary vocations, but not retired from new experiences and fresh learning. All of us are confronting a world of technology far removed from the basic typewriters and libraries of 1960.

So, we invite you once again to share with us your recent history, wit, and wisdom for inclusion in our 55th Anniversary Report. Our deadline for submission is November 30. The preferred method of submitting your entry is via the Internet at our secure website:


To access the Class Report site, you’ll need your HarvardKey. If you haven’t claimed your HarvardKey yet,instructions were sent to you in an email message, which contained your personal HAA ID number. If you have lost that message, feel free to write by email to ithelp@harvard.edu or to call 617-495-7777 for assistance.

If submitting your entry online seems too much of a hassle, feel free to complete and return the paper questionnaire that will be mailed to you in the coming weeks.

To subsidize the cost of the books, which are mailed to all classmates, we invite a voluntary, tax-deductible contribution of $65. You can do so online at this site or return yours with your paper questionnaire as mentioned above.

Looking forward to hearing news of you and yours,

Emilie de Brigard and John Henn
Class Report Co-Chairs

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