Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1964

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An Inconvenient Song/Summertime

Lyrics by Max Byrd


[LIGHTS UP: CURT, DUSTY, & CIJI with backs to audience, all 3 wearing Al Gore Masks on the back of their heads.]

[CURT turns around to audience; DUSTY & CIJI remain backs to audience with their 2 masks facing audience.]
Curt: Summertime,
And the climate is changin'
Glaciers meltin'
And the ozone is high.

Oh, the planet's hot,
And the waters keep risin',
So trade in your Hummer,
Get ready to die.
[CURT turns his back to audience As DUSTY turns to face audience, singing]:
Dusty: One of these mornin's,
You're gonna wake up burnin',
Gonna shade your eyes,
And you'll hide from the sky.

But 'til that mornin',
There's still plenty can harm you,
Keep your Pri-us and sunscreen
Standin' by.
[DUSTY turns back to audience, joining CURT & CIJI with backs to audience as well-3 Al Gore masks swaying to the musical descant coming from the wings]
[AVAILABLE CAST members: Descant from the wings with MAX BYRD with Al Gore mask on the front of his face sticking his head out from the wings as the "singers" sing:]
Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo!
[Key change: CIJI turns to face audience, singing]
Ciji: Wintertime...
And the globe it is freezin',
All the deserts' cold...
And New Orlean's done SUNK...

Oh, the planet's drown'd
And the waters keep risin'
So, trade that Suburban...
"Cash for your Clunk!" (ALL add: "ER...")
[CURT, DUSTY turn to face audience, joining CIJI -all faced forward now and singing loudly]
All: One of these mornin's,
You're gonna wake up shivrin'
Gonna hug yer'self
And your cat and your dog...

But, til that mornin'
Ain't nothin' can harm you
Except for the Lud-ites
Livin' high on the Hog!
[CURT, DUSTY, & CIJI all turn back to audience so Al Gore masks face audience and side-step off stage on APPLAUSE to "Summertime" music reprise]

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